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MGTECON 200 “Managerial Economics” flipped course

In close collaboration with Professors Yossi Feinberg and Paul Oyer, and TLHub members LXD Cindy Mazow and PM Cheryl Locke, we created media and interactives for a flipped Economics course, part of the MBA core curriculum.


  • All of the traditional lecture content was converted into interactive online modules for students to consume between class meetings.
  • Through rich visuals, animations, and visualizations, students were guided through a series of questions and exercises to prepare for team projects in class. 
  • In depth and complex mathematical content was synthesized from two instructors with different approaches to content. 
  • Materials had to be approachable for novice economics students but also approachable for more experienced learners.
  • We created a consistent palette and illustration style, a simplified approach to video making, and consistent use of existing frameworks to create charts and graphs.


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