Capabilities and Services

Designing for understanding and engaged learning.

We are fortunate to work with the brightest minds in education and have the privilege of helping faculty communicate and spread their ideas through research and classroom materials.

Develop your unique Teaching Journey

Different projects need different solutions, and we are here to help. We support various levels of project development and involvement, from quick solutions that can usually be accomplished by a single individual to full overhauls, which likely include multiple Departments for brainstorming, development, scheduling, resourcing, and implementation. We also provide resources that empower you to complete some projects on your own, if you prefer.

Creative Design for Student Experiences

Visual design helps to communicate and spread ideas through innovative creation of research and classroom materials across all types of learning activities and platforms. From technical concepts to highly personal experiences, a strong emphasis on storytelling engages and clarifies. Additionally, websites support teaching objectives and engage students in innovative ways.

Partner with Teaching and Learning Hub

Beyond our team’s capabilities, the Teaching and Learning Hub has additional resources and departments available to provide expert assistance. If you have a larger project, collaborating with other departments will help ensure the best solution is created for you.

Watch our five-part series that covers setting up for, recording, and editing your own videos.

Do-it-yourself Solutions

We can offer DIY solutions to fast track your projects on your own, provide easy-to-edit websites to bring your content online, or work with us to develop creative materials that express your own personal senses to education.

And so much more...

Looking for something more specific? We offer a wide range of services and deliverables assets. Here is just a sample of what Media and Design can offer.