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GSBGEN-585 “Project You: Building and Extending your Personal Brand”

For this class, we had multiple instructors with very different styles that needed to work together, including Tyra Banks, who had an established visual brand. This curriculum was brand new, so we were truly starting from scratch on materials. Because we were working with multiple lecturers, we had many different people in the files, so it had to be accessible to all skill levels and computers, while still looking very polished and up to the standards of commercial and academic branding.


Since the materials needed to be accessible by many people, we created all assets within PowerPoint (with the exception of video). Since Tyra was new to teaching in this format, we wanted to give her a solid visual clue as to who would be speaking to the content presented on the slides. We decided to use color to notate who would be presenting the materials. Yellow was consistent across all of the slides, Tyra used black backgrounds with yellow and white accents, while Allison used white backgrounds with yellow and blue accents. These were all part of the challenges as we worked with lecturers to create visual counterparts for the materials together.

Project You grid of slides

PowerPoint Slides

We envisioned the slides as engaging, yet clear. Not only did we align with Allison’s preferences, but we also pulled from Tyra’s current branding as well. Balancing Tyra’s bold personal brand with simplicity, we used her current fonts and favorite color, yellow, supplemented with clean lines and focused photography.

Course Handouts

Handouts needed to be simplified for print, but still have that fun and engaging overall feel. Influenced by Tyra’s branding of clean thin lines, our goal was to make the design feel light, yet refined.


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