The following interactive Airtable database displays all GSB web properties that we (the Visual Design Group web team) are aware of. If you identify any missing or inaccurate  information, please email us!

Quick tips

For more comprehensive information on using Airtable’s features, please visit their support documentation pages.

  1. Click the magnifying glass a the top right of the Airtable embed on this page.
  2. Enter your search keyword.
  1. Filter > Add condition
  2. Where “Site Owners, Faculty” contains “[faculty name]”
  3. or “Site Owners, Faculty” contains “[faculty name]”
  4. Repeat for each faculty on your list.

Note: Filtering can be used in addition to grouping and sorting.

  1. Click “Grouped by 1 field”
  2. Press “X” to remove current grouping or change the field and conditions.
    1. Ex: Group by “Platform” from “First-Last”

Note: Grouping can be used in addition to filtering and sorting.

  1. “Sort” > “Pick a field to sort by”
    1. Ex: “Category” from “First-Last”

Note: Sorting can be used in addition to grouping and filtering.