December 1, 2020: Faculty Panel

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In this virtual panel discussion session, you’ll hear how your fellow faculty, David Demarest, Brandon Gipper, Kristin Hansen, and Rebecca Lester, engaged students and approached challenges in teaching their courses in a virtual learning environment in Autumn 2020. They will share how they promoted student engagement, battled Zoom fatigue, worked together with their instructional teams, set class norms, and prepared their online teaching setup.

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August 26, 2020: Leading Effective Discussions Workshop

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In our Leading Effective Discussions Workshop, you’ll hear a variety of faculty perspectives on how to create a class climate that fosters successful and inclusive discussions. We’ll provide frameworks for meeting facilitation goals and discuss ways to apply them to virtual and hybrid class settings this autumn. This session will be facilitated by TLHub staff and is a collaborative effort with GSB faculty, Kate Casey, Jim Ellis and Rob Siegel.

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