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As an instructor, you may wish to see all the students in one window while screen sharing your presentation slides with the group in another window simultaneously. Zoom’s dual monitors display setting allows the video layout and screen share content to be placed on two separate monitors/screens. Gallery or speaker view can be displayed on one monitor while the other monitor displays a content share.

Zoom Settings (for Mac and PC)

First, enable the dual monitors setting in the Zoom application on your computer.

If you plan to screen share with a PowerPoint presentation, how you configure your slide show will depend on whether you want to use presenter’s notes or not:

PC Display Setup

Go to Display Settings > Multiple Displays > Select “Extend these displays”

Mac Display Setup

  1. Go to Display Settings > Uncheck “Mirror Displays”
  2. In PowerPoint, if you will use Presenter View, go to Slide Show > Setup Slide Show > Check “Always use Presenter View”
  3. In PowerPoint, if you will not use Presenter View, go to Preferences > Slide Show > Uncheck “Always use Presenter View.” Then go to Slide Show > Setup Slide Show > Select “Browsed by an Individual”

In-Meeting Tips

  1. Start your presentation before sharing your screen in Zoom.
  2. If PowerPoint’s Presenter View notes obscure the Zoom participants, you will need to resize the Presenter View window to reveal the Zoom window behind it.  This has to be done every time you start your presentation.
  3. Once your PowerPoint has started, share the fullscreen presentation window in Zoom (rather than the entire desktop).