Tips and Demos from Faculty: Engaging Students

Your colleagues are an invaluable resource for teaching at the GSB. These videos share their tips for teaching success.

Motivating student engagement

In this video, Gabriel Weintraub, Steve Westly, Allison Kluger, Becky Lester, and David Demarest share practices they use in their courses to motivate and engage students. Even though the practices they share are from the Teaching and Learning Hub’s 2020 event series and were originally focused on teaching in an online learning environment, the tips are applicable to the in-person classroom environment today.

Connecting with students

Allison Kluger, Steve Westly, Christian Wheeler, Glenn Kramon, Becky Lester, Kristin Hansen, and Laura Arrillaga-Andreessen share their best practices and tips on connecting with students and building a class community in their courses. These tips were initially focused on the online learning environment during 2020, however they are relevant to the in-person classroom as well.

Engaging students with Poll Everywhere

In this video, Professor Rebecca Lester demonstrates the ways that she engages students using Poll Everywhere.

For more teaching best practices from faculty, see Tips and Demos from Faculty: Teaching Remotely

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