We recommend using Zoom’s Waiting Room feature to ensure your 1:1 office hours meetings remain private and confidential. Waiting rooms allow you to meet with one person or a group of people at a time, while others wait in the waiting room for their turn to meet.

Before you begin, verify that Waiting Rooms are enabled in your account. Go to stanford.zoom.us/profile/setting and make sure “Waiting room” under “In Meeting (Advanced)” is set to Allow.”

Set up a waiting room from within Canvas

Schedule the meeting from Canvas as you would for a live class session, but make sure to apply the following settings:

  • Under Security, select the setting to enable waiting room

  • Under Meeting Options, deselect the option to record the meeting automatically
Zoom Waiting Room Settings - Security Options
Zoom Waiting Room Settings - Meeting Options

Use the waiting room for office hours

  1. Start the meeting and click on Manage Participants
  2. Confirm the waiting room is enabled by going to More and seeing the check mark by “Put attendee in Waiting Room on Entry.” If it is not checked, select it.

  3. Once a student joins the meeting, you will be able to admit them to the meeting from the Manage Participants menu
    1. You can also send a student back to the waiting room by clicking More next to their name and selecting “Put in waiting room”