Table of contents

Video layout

There are a variety of video layouts you can use to see thumbnails of participants. This article covers the video layouts available and how to switch between them.

  • Spotlight Video allows you to choose up to 9 participants as primary speakers so that their  video feeds will be visible to all participants. This feature is often used to spotlight a keynote speaker or presenter. This article describes how to turn the spotlight on and off.

Screen Share

Select Share Screen in your Zoom meeting toolbar (bottom of screen). You can choose to share your desktop, an individual application/window, or start a whiteboard.


See In-Meeting Chat in your Zoom meeting toolbar (bottom of screen). This can be used to moderate a discussion and troubleshoot technical problems. You can also disable the chat for all participants or disable private chat, to prevent private messages. This article describes how to control and disable in-meeting chat.

  • Tip: Assign TA and/or student volunteers to moderate the chat. They can flag questions or comments coming through the chat, and/or help troubleshoot technical problems submitted by other students via chat.


Zoom includes a built-in whiteboard that you and your students can annotate on. In your Zoom meeting toolbar (bottom of screen), click Share Screen > Whiteboard > Share. The annotation tools will appear automatically. When you are done, click Stop Share.

  • Advanced whiteboarding: Users who plan to do a lot of annotating may find using a mouse or touchpad too inaccurate for writing and drawing freehand. We’ve come up with three recommendations that offer more intricate drawing and handwriting.


Instructors and students can annotate on shared screens and whiteboards (both described above). This article describes the array of annotation tools and how to use them.

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