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Resources for Spring Quarter

Event Highlights: Exploring AI in the GSB Classroom — Student Voices. How are the leaders of tomorrow adapting to the AI revolution? At this Student Voices panel held on April 2, 2024, five GSB students shared their insights on practical AI applications for coursework, integrating AI into the curriculum, and the limitations of using AI for learning. Read on for top takeaways from this event or to watch the event recording.

Event Recording: Exploring AI in the GSB Classroom — Faculty Voices. Watch the recording of a recent GSB faculty panel event to learn how they incorporate AI tools into their courses and what they observed about students’ use of AI tools. Also hear from Ethan Mollick, Associate Professor at Wharton, who explores artificial intelligence in work and education.

Starting Small with AI in the Classroom. Visit our resource with small-scale and easy-to-implement ideas for adapting your course in the AI era. Learn more about setting your course approach to AI use, exploring AI with short activities, and promoting student learning whether or not students are using AI tools.

Course Policies on Generative AI Use. Find sample syllabus statements for AI tool use and general tips for setting your course approach to AI. This resource provides strategies for any approach to AI tools, whether students are allowed to use them freely, with limitations, or not at all.

Teaching in the AI Era. Wondering about how to account for new and developing AI tools in your course? This resource provides top tips and answers to FAQs that cover crafting AI-use course policies, using AI tools in the classroom, and strategies for assignment design. 

Leading Effective Discussions. Leading class discussions takes agility to balance course content with inviting diverse perspectives from students. This resource offers frameworks, examples, and tips from the GSB community for leading effective and inclusive discussions, and includes a series of practical “Discussion Moves” to help you get started in facilitating deeper and more effective discussions.

Leadership in Focus Video Cases. The GSB’s Leadership in Focus video case vignettes, capstone perspectives, teaching modules, and teaching notes are resources to help spark discussion and learning from real stories. Select from over 400 vignettes, 5-10 min in length, to illustrate a wide range of learning objectives.

Teaching Playbook. This updated resource offers a guide to the many elements of planning and delivering your course. New sections cover establishing your course norms, fostering a classroom community, encouraging participation, gathering student feedback, and more!  

Collecting Mid-quarter Student Feedback. Mid-quarter surveys are a highly flexible tool for gathering feedback from your students about what is and isn’t working in your course in real time. In this resource, we provide steps for collecting feedback, including modifiable templates that you can easily add to your course. We also offer tips and suggestions to address challenges that may arise and make the most of mid-quarter feedback.

Resources for getting started with using Zoom for remote teaching at GSB.

Resources for addressing specific teaching scenarios and challenges.

Resources for communicating expectations, establishing norms, and promoting engagement in online courses.

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