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Resources for Spring Quarter

Handling Planned or Unexpected Class Discussions on Sensitive Topics. This newly updated article provides actionable tips for you to address sensitive topics using the Anticipate – Acknowledge – Act Authentically framework. Prepare for the coming quarter and read the article here.  

Adding Diversity to Course Content. When courses feature a diverse set of identities, cultures, and experiences, students connect with the content in more meaningful ways. This article will help you consider how you can diversify your course content through various means such as using examples representing people of diverse backgrounds, assigning case studies that consider diverse protagonists, inviting guest speakers with diverse perspectives, and more.

Writing Content Notices for Sensitive Content. A content notice is a cautionary statement, spoken or printed, that alerts students to the sensitive nature of the material about to be seen, read, or discussed in class. Many instructors use content notices as a courtesy to students, and this resource can help you identify when you might want to use one. It also includes a template and real examples used at the GSB.

DEI Faculty Showcase Event Highlights. Did you miss the Faculty Showcase on Cultivating Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion held in Spring 2022 or would you like a refresher? The Event Highlights features the top advice of our faculty guests, Szu-chi Huang, Jann Spiess, and Kate Casey, and summarizes the main themes that were discussed around cultivating inclusive classrooms at the GSB.

Resources for getting started with using Zoom for remote teaching at GSB.

Resources for addressing specific teaching scenarios and challenges.

Resources for communicating expectations, establishing norms, and promoting engagement in online courses.

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